One day, in a snowy land called Minneapolis, a magical bundle of winter wonder was born. You see, that’s when we kindhearted and generous folk at Orangeseed, a branding and design agency, got the bright idea of sending our friends, loved-ones and clients the very best sort of seasonal greeting: Wintergrams™!

Enough of this factual stuff.
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What’s Wintergrams?

Wintergrams lets you create unique, witty holiday messages based on eight different seasonal themes. Better yet, you can send them to your friends (or enemies) through email and social media, free of charge. We made Wintergrams with love—and with one special purpose—to spread wintertime joy and amusement to you and your friends.

Who’s behind Wintergrams?

The creative masterminds at Orangeseed are behind the magic. We’re an award-winning branding and design agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And yes, we thought up and developed the whole Wintergrams world—from branding and visual design to coding and implementation. If you’re still curious, you can click your way to orangeseed.com to learn more about our agency.

Getting better all the time.

We hope you like Wintergrams as much as we do. It’s still new, so there might be a few bugs here and there. But fear not, our trusty Wintergrams team is working hard to improve the site by adding cool features and functionality. Plus, new words and phrases are being added to our database all the time—that helps make each Wintergram message more unique and witty.

Do you have feedback or suggestions about how to make Wintergrams even better? Then tell us already! hello@wintergrams.com

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